Services We offer

  • Hydraulic Crimper Placement Programs
  • VMI - Vendor Managed Inventory
  • Product Training
  • Onsite Consultation
  • Application Troubleshooting
  • Hose Testing and Certification
  • Safety Training

We also offer in-house brazing to recycle obsolete fittings and adapters, along with a complete line of state-of-the-art hose fabrication equipment.

Hose Fabrication Capabilities offered in our Shop

  • Hydraulic hoses made up to 2" ID
  • D.O.T. approved hydraulic brake lines
  • Metal tube hydraulic lines up to 5/8" OD - larger sizes we source direct from partner tube manufacturers
  • Air Conditioning hose assemblies for automotive, commercial, and industrial applications
  • Brazing offered for recycling hose fittings that are hard-to-find or obsolete
  • Repair of air, water, material handling, and just about any other type of hose

Equipment Capabilities

Bartuk Hose and Hydraulics has made substantial investments over the last few years and offers cutting edge equipment to offer the safest and most well-engineered hose assemblies. Some of our equipment includes:

  • Uniflex S 8 i XL C.2 - Crimps up to 4" ID industrial and 2" ID hydraulic hoses
  • Brakequip BQ1005-6 - Crimps power steering lines, fuel lines, and D.O.T. certified brake lines
  • Eaton ET4001 - Crimps up to 2" ID hydraulic hoses
  • AFP Flareall 100 - Flares from 1/8" OD to 2" OD hydraulic steel tubing
  • Baleigh RDB-10 - Bends hydraulic steel tubing up to 5/8" OD
  • Dixon PTP - Hydrostatic test pump for hose assembly pressure testing
  • Eaton T400 - Crimps up to 1-1/4" ID hydraulic hoses
  • Dixon CI96AH - Inserts fittings into industrial hoses up to 6" ID

We also have various pneumatic crimpers, internal expansion, banding, and brazing equipment.

Hose Maintenance

If you have a damaged hose, or need one customized, we can help. Some hose maintenance solutions include:

  • Hose Repair - We take your existing hoses and repair them so they can safely go back into service
  • Recycle Fittings - If you have a fitting that is hard-to-find or obsolete, we may be able to re-use it. We cut and braze in-house, and that saves time and money
  • Pressure Testing - We can provide certification that your hose assembly meets all required standards
  • Trouble Shooting - We make sure you have the correct hose for your application
  • Safety and Product Training - We can arrange to perform this at our location or yours